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Κοσμῐκός (Ancient Greek)

/koz.miˈkos/ Adjective

  1. Of the world, of the universe, of the cosmos
  2. Cosmic, worldy, earthly

Kozmikos Crafts a Cosmos of Digital Experiences

We make Software, Games, and Cinema to Entertain, Educate and Inspire



color preview


Say goodbye to RGB color pickers! Unlock the ability to know the RGB values of any color simply with a glance! See a pretty shade of flower? A beautiful sunset? Wish you could know exactly what that color is? Now you can! Simply practice with ChromaGuesser and gain this superhuman power! Use it to amaze friends, flex on other artists and programmers, or just have fun!

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si preview


Discover the joy of learning SI units through a gamified experience! Our SI Unit Game is the perfect companion for science enthusiasts and students. With captivating challenges and exciting gameplay, you'll become an expert in no time.

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romance preview

Rōmānicē! (Beta)

Learn romance languages through romance languages! Contact us to become a Beta tester!

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haegeum preview

Haegeum Companion (Alpha)

The only app for the Korean Haegeum for Google Play. Contact us to become an Alpha tester!

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linguax preview

Linguax (Coming Soon)

A simple platform for learning Latin. Linguax comprehensive audio lessons and interactive exercises to reinforce learned content. It builds upon existing Latinate vocabulary in English, allowing learners to immediately unlock a large vocabulary

OrbitAll (Coming 2024)

An all-in-one learning platform with access to countless subjects, spanning a map of all knowledge. OrbitAll will allow users to truly orbit all, achieving mastery in all subjects.

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